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I held the DVD Farm Girl in New York in my hands for just an extra moment, trying to predict what fine cinematic feature have I chosen this time? The title alone had my mind racing, but I didn’t want to spend too much time analyzing the plot. A self explanatory story with nothing to leave to the imagination, or so I thought. Sam is a stressed out writer who gets fired from his job a month before his wedding, only to come home and find out his fiancé is cheating on him. Ok, let’s be honest here. The script is campy but the story itself has several witty moments.

Sam decides to not waste his honeymoon, but invite his best friend Matt on a bus trip to the big apple.  Upon their unplanned agenda in New York City, Sam happens to notice a pretty girl while he and Matt are visiting a local diner. This is the Farm Girl I assume, which appears to have a strong resemblance to famed hottie Tara Reid. The main difference was the spark of innocence in farm girl’s eyes. Now out of respect her name is Mary, but she just does happen to be a farm girl trying to live out her dreams in NYC.

Many months later Matt comes up with a scheme to meet chicks by holding fake auditions for absolutely no purpose other than to meet them in hopes of hooking up. Matt is pretty successful in his mission, Sam- not so much. Coincidently Mary shows up for the audition and this is where the real fun begins. Sam is completely enamored by her performance, so now he and Matt must use one of Sam’s scripts to create fake rehearsals.

 The movie become slightly intriguing with this kooky cast of characters, who all have no clue they’re just hanging out and reading one of Sam’s writing projects. As time passes by, Sam and Mary become better friends and spend more time together. Until, one day Mary walks in on a squabble between Sam and Matt and realizes the truth behind their acting outreach.

 With every good romance, there comes a time to break up. Sam and Matt get the script embraced by a gay community; hence a real stage performance is born. Mary steps up to the plate and gets her chance to shine. Unfortunately, Allan, the main lead of the play gets hurt, so who better would know the lines than the writer to take over the part? The show must go on, and there’s not guessing on who is going to do it!

It is only in the meaning behind the words of Sam’s writing that he can confess his love for Mary. This movie has a happy ending like every other romantic comedy, but the difference is how they each get to that point. Maverick Entertainment chose to represent a short but sweet look at conquering love from a bumpy beginning to a warm and fuzzy ending. Curtain please.

 Farm Girl in New York  is available February 1, 2011! Buy it, Rent it, or Queue it up today!

  ~Janel Rana


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