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Don’t worry; you won’t need an Urban Dictionary to decipher this urban flick. Director Richard Johnson makes sure you understand every piece of slang and clearly defines the who’s who of Razorblade City.

From the opening scene we witness street hustlers, crooked cops, and cracked heads. Razorblade City is a wild place! The plot centers around a drug dealer, “Kingston”, that runs into trouble with two of Razorblade City’s most notorious gangsters, King Leroy & Machine Gun Milton.  After being framed for the murders of the gangsters’ loved ones, Kingston tries to lay low but it becomes impossible in a city of crime.

Even the women in Razorblade City are packing heat!  This movie took a twist from other urban films by introducing us to Trix and Flix – two sisters that were partners in crime with Kingston. With Kingston on the run and two people dead, it sets off a frenzy throughout the town.

Out of all the movies I’ve seen recently, this one introduced me to the most interesting characters. And it actually pulled off keeping my attention and keeping me on track with multiple characters and storylines.

This movie serves as a cautionary tale that “anything, absolutely anything can happen in Razorblade City.”

Razorblade City is out  today!  Buy itRent it, or Queue it up!

~Marlena Wood


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