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Review of the Urban Action film Razorblade City!

As reality television continues to flood the airwaves, Razorblade City appears to offer a real life look inside a shoot em’ up gangster documentary. The soundtrack reflects words of wisdom about living a hard core life on the streets, and the flow of the music and its message are fluid throughout the film. I absolutely found entertainment in the character’s names like Fat Boys, Fly Ronnie Jones, King Leroy, Trix and Flix, Bling Bling and good ole Machine Gun Milton.

So the saying goes, it takes a village. Well, when one big time drug dealer’s son is accidentally shot in the head, you can bet someone is going to pay. There is this innate human nature to seek revenge when a loved one is hurt, and the strength behind these emotions are forceful. Our blood boils, our minds race with scenarios and ideas to impend harm. Bloodshed tears result in additional murders, like a domino effect on death.

Although this film has a typical setting of the low income jigsaw puzzle of the ghetto; curiosity creeps in with an invitation to watch cops try to unfold a wrinkled cover up of the initial killing. Cops play the game of befriending tattlers that are really just accomplices in this juncture. As the story line gets heated, I was tempted to shout out to the players like a fan at a sports event.  I had flashbacks of Boys n the Hood and New Jack City, but the cinematography of Razoblade was non-traditional and up close on many of the scenes. It was almost like I felt I was in the room or on the streets trying to survive the mayhem myself and not get caught.

If you enjoy the reckless toting guns, drugs and a whole lotta hip hop chatter; don’t miss out on Razoblade City. Maverick Entertainment always delivers a variety of movies, with a genre to meet everyone’s interest. Look out for more films coming your way soon, and enjoy a first look at some of the next big actors and actresses as they get their first break on the big screen with Maverick!

Razorblade City is available on DVD December 7th, buy it, rent it, or queue it up today!

 ~Janel Rana


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