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Review of Romantic Drama Sure Looks Good!

Can you count on your friends through thick and thin? Better yet, who do you run to when you feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?  I had the chance to review Sure Looks Good from Maverick Entertainment Group and it showed me that there’s no problem too big for your friends to help you solve.

While much of the storyline felt somewhat familiar, there is something special about this film. It takes us through the lives of four different women as they try to deal with motherhood, personal struggles, relationships, and more. This is a movie that exemplifies the true meaning of friendship. April, Pam, Sharon, and Simone each have their own vice they are trying to overcome. Whether it’s a sexual addiction, cheating, bad parenting, or lack of spousal support, their loyalty to one another cannot be questioned.

Sure Looks Good is a romantic drama that exploits good friends as they identify those obstacles and overcome them together. What struck me the most was how the film combined a little bit of everything from drama, comedy, and romance. It offered a lot more than I expected. You not only care about the characters in this film, you actually see them grow up on screen.

Though the cast was all African American actors, this is movie for all ethnic backgrounds. Anyone can relate to the issues these women are facing.  So, get ready for 4 unique stories where you watch the characters become mature enough to accept the responsibility of mistakes and change their lives forever!

Sure Looks Good is available November 23, 2010! Buy it, Rent it, or Queue it up today!

~Marlena Wood


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