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CSI Star Gary Dourdan in new action film FIRE!

I’m back again with a new review of another one of Maverick Entertainment’s upcoming releases Fire.  The movie is shot on location in Berlin, Germany! It involves political scandals, terrorists, bombs, and a bulging briefcase full of money. 

The film was shot amazingly well; comparable to any film you’d see in theaters. Not to mention the all-star cast; Gary Dourdan (Phil) who starred in ‘CSI’ and Cosma Shiva Hagen (Nicole) who was in Speed Racer.  Oh, I almost forgot, she was also a cover model for Playboy in Germany. Not too shabby, right? There are some great special effects, explosions, and car chases too.

It’s just another day for Phil and his wife Eve, who have just entered their neighborhood bank in hopes of being approved for a loan that will help them buy their dream home.  Little does Phil know he’s about to become deeply entangled in a deranged political plot to ambush the city of Berlin. Terrorists have planned a horrific explosion, which will send the citizens into a fearful terrorist stricken frenzy. Citizens will be left vulnerable and afraid and Berlin will be looking to vote for a leader who can put a stop to terrorism. It’s up to Phil and Nicole, a local news reporter, to save the life of Phil’s beloved wife and the lives of thousands of German citizens.

Fire is available on DVD October 5th, but check it out on iNDemand (Comcast) starting October 1st!!  See ya next time! 

 ~Justin Acita



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