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Killing Down – Sometimes Paranoia is a Good Thing

Steven Down always feels like somebody’s watching him, and Killing Down, the latest film that Maverick Entertainment has sent to me to write about, delivers a detailed chronicle of a man traumatized by war and all of the conspiracies committed therein.

Steven was a simple spook, a US Army spy who had infiltrated a collective farm full of idealistic American college students, deep in the Nicaraguan jungle.  But a couple of unidentified Nicaraguan guerillas were up to no good and started making trouble in his neighborhood, leaving him a hyper-paranoid mercenary when the smoke cleared.  On his latest job, Steven finds a mysterious man which may connect back to that fateful moment in the jungle.  Will he be able to avenge his past?

Killing Down is available now.  Buy it, rent it, or queue it up!

-Richard Snyder

Intimidator of the Realm


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