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Review of the comedy film Date for Hire!

Prostitutes?  Stalkers?  Hallucinations of a cockney accented man always trying to give you food?  Maverick Entertainment Group exposed me to such wild matters when they gave me a copy of Date For Hire to write about. 

Date For Hire is, at its heart, a tale of three people living on the fringes of society.  It covers a day in the life of a bartender and his two assistants as one struggles with a lack of skill in wooing the ladies, another with far too much skill and an unexpected baby on the way, and the third so bereaved of any kind of ideas that he sets out to create the alcoholic beverage equivalent of LSD! 

In many ways, it’s like Kevin Smith’s classic indie film breakout, Clerks, except it’s much more trippy.  The movie is not constrained by much consistency and is a better piece of work for it.  Prepare to be assaulted with every random thing under the sun that filmmaker Lee Cummings can possibly throw at you.  It makes a contrast with the film’s mundane backdrop.

Date For Hire is available on DVD September 21, 2010.  Buy it, Rent it, or Queue it up today!

-Richard Snyder

Intimidator of the Realm



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