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Shoot First, Ask Questions Later.

The wild wild west meets modern day Mexico in the movie Border Town. I received a copy of the film, from Maverick Entertainment, to review; and was pleasantly surprised.  Mark Joy leads the film, as a father seeking revenge for the kidnapping of his daughter. This persistent, gun toting, “gringo” will stop at nothing to get his little girl back from the human trafficking ring she’s been forced into.

The film had me rooting for Vincent (Mark Joy) from beginning to end. You are hoping for the best for his daughter but expecting the worse, all before her character is even introduced.  Then, Director Chris Allen Williams lets us peer into the high priced, covered up world of human trafficking; as the search for Vincent’s missing daughter continues.

Over all, Border Town had great action scenes, a lot of fire power, and seductive leading ladies; Linda Rodriguez and Joy Glass. The big draw for me is that the villainous character wasn’t nearly as “badass” as the good guy.  I also enjoyed the classic high noon shoot out that concludes the movie. Although it is apparent the film was shot on a low budget, the mood was high, and the actors carried there roles consisted throughout the film.  Border Town is available everywhere!  Buy it, Rent it, or Queue it up today!

~Samantha Weiler



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