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Terror Plots and Bank Robberies Wrapped up in a Thrilling Feature Film!

Just like the title of the film, Fire is ignited with flames of action from the opening scene. Terror plots and bank robberies, Maverick Entertainment delivers a fast paced thrilling feature you don’t want to miss! Phil, an innocent struggling music teacher, and his wife, Eve, get caught up in a scandal that entangles them into espionage during an appointment with the local bank.  Now the innocent couple find themselves at the center of a hostage situation with snipers. With a host of political scrutiny, the fatal disruptions keep you trying to figure out who did what and why?  There is a background notion that the running officials have elected to monopolize on the current anarchist community in this German city.

From the beginning, Eric is the key element to why the criminals are on the attack, and he has found his way to television reporter Nicole Hart.  Nicole, now romantically involved with Eric, is concerned with her relations to the politicians on unraveling why there is so much dishevelment in their community. All the while Phil and Nicole are on the run against a ticking time bomb and Eve is kept under close watch as collateral.  Nicole is one smart gal and uses her connections in the business to expose the potential running mates’ strategies.  Of course, money being the motivator to set off the chase, the minutes are passing quickly and the chance to bring normalcy back to town is fading fast.

The jigsaw pieces are puzzling enough, that each new character introduced is another clue to the game. There is a familiarity you might recognize in the film, the roles of the actors, the pressure amongst these characters to evolve as the film builds the storyline; I have seen many films like it with Wesley, Van Diesel, Denzel, Stallone etc. That’s what makes you want to see more!  Just when you think you’re a step ahead of the cop or detective assigned to the case another twist or turn leads you in a different direction. No matter what obstacles are presented you’re drawn to try and reach the conclusions before they’re revealed on screen. How many times have you shouted out, “I knew it?” followed by a hearty laugh of confidence. Good guys (and girls) become heroes whether they finish first or last!

Fire, Buy it, Rent it, or Queue it up!  Out on DVD October 5!  Also, catch this outstanding film on Comcast OnDemand starting in October!

Health and Happiness!

Janel Rana aka “Discount Diva”

“Saving the world 1Qpon at a time!”



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