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This week I’m blogging about an interesting DVD thriller: Cult, which I received from Maverick Entertainment Group. The movie possessed some great qualities: it had artistic sense of direction, a pretty good soundtrack, and definitely a unique plot. This Independent horror film also had some star power; Taryn Manning (Hustle & Flow, 8 Mile, Crossroads) and, Rachel Miner (“Californication”, The Black Dahlia).

The movie starts out with narration of a tragic event that took place in ancient China, accompanied by Chinese oil paintings that mimic the story. I loved the creative opening, and the fact that it lays the groundwork for the story to unfold. The tragic event surrounds a jade amulet that becomes a source of power in a modern day cult. Then, years later after a mass sacrificing in the cult’s church, a team of students join together to do research on the twisted events.

The clever dialogue and back stories make the characters “real” and believable. There are underlying relationship issues between Cassandra (Taryn Manning) and her boyfriend (Glenn Dunk); Alex (Joel Michaely), the team mascot for “The Bears”, surprisingly has public speaking insecurities; and Mindy (Rachel Miner) has a distant relationship with her dad, who is masking the truth behind her mother’s early demise.

I’m totally impressed by the cast and director of the movie Cult. It was not a jump out of your pants horror flick, but a dark psychological journey into the world of a warped cult. There was still a bloody show, for those of you who seek that kinda thing, but the movie in its entirety was less gruesome then it was mysterious and adventuresome.  Cult is available on Amazon and at Blockbuster or check it out on YouTube!!

 ~Samantha Weiler



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