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Movie Review – Desdemona: A Love Story

Can you put a price on love? What is more unholy than sacrificing the wealth of your pride? If you can’t turn back the clock, can you move forward and create your destiny? Desdemona is a Mexican romance, that’s edgy and ethically on the borderline of sinful. Also did I mention it’s loosely based on the Shakespearean play Othello?  

The main characters are two brothers, who had it rough growing up, not un-like many street kids in their desolate hometown. As adults they care for their ailing Father, and upon his passing want to show respect with a proper burial. Unfortunately, the funeral director has a costly price tag for their request, and now they have to create a seamless crime that’s tailored from a sketchy past.

One of the brothers fell in love with a girl named Desdemona during their childhood years, but they lost touch during their grade school years.  She ends up marrying a rich businessman, but becomes a very lonely woman in his corporate world. The brothers’ decide to kidnap Desdemona and ask for a handsome ransom to cover the burial of their Father; the plan is a catch 22 between wanting to do the right thing the wrong way. The husband doesn’t seem too anxious to respond to the outreach for the return of his wife, so Desdemona expresses signs of hopelessness and despair at the realization her husband doesn’t care. What’s a girl to do? Now the one brother that fell so madly and deeply in love with her is a murderer; while the other brother is keeping close watch with his hands all over Desdemona. Shall I mention that her name means “of the devil,” like a bad seed yet alluring and deceptive?

There is something strangely intimate about the beauty in Desdemona’s eyes, as she lies tied up awaiting the outcome of her release. Breathe.

It’s interesting how the movie moves along with the initial setting a Church confession following scenes of flashbacks to create the entire film. Not a bad attempt to claim redemption on a life plotted through survival. If you liked watching Taken or Law Abiding Citizen, Desdemona is right up there with betrayal amongst loved ones and questionable circumstances of good vs. evil. Even the music beds are likeable, as the scenes were engaging and kept you wanting more from the characters.

I received Desdemona: A Love Story for review by Maverick Entertainment Group.  The film will be available on DVD everywhere August 31stBuy it, Rent it, or Queue it up!

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