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CIRCLE OF FURY Movie Review – There’s no ring big enough to hold this fury!

Last Night I plopped down in my favorite movie watching chair and checked out a copy of Maverick Entertainment’s upcoming release, Circle of Fury. I was pleasantly surprised by the hard-hitting action and well developed story line. There are more fight scenes than you can count and I am sure MMA fans will be impressed with the choreography, I know I was!  Circle of Fury has a great cast including Randy Spence and the stunning Christina Rose (“All My Children”) who have both appeared in a few SNL episodes as well as a variety of other films.

Johnny (Randy Spence) an out of work homeless war vet runs into an old “friend,” Tariq (Adonis Williams), who offers to give him a job managing his gym and a place to stay.  Blinded by his friend’s generosity, Johnny doesn’t realize the gym is just a cover for Tariq’s ‘real business,’ drug-dealing and underground fight clubs.  When Johnny finally does find out the truth he is in too deep to just walk away and has to look the other way in order to keep his job and a roof over his head.  But after being forced to fight one fight too many and tired of continuing down the wrong path, Johnny decides to take a stand and fight back! 

See if Johnny has what it takes to beat Tariq in Circle of Fury, available on DVD everywhere 9/14/2010!  Buy it, Rent it, or Queue it up!

 -Justin Acita



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