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It’s a KUSH life but somebody has to burn!

Hey, man.  I heard there was this movie with some killer weed.  And then I found it because Maverick Entertainment Group sent me this copy of Kush to write about.  It gave me such a great buzz!

So, like, this dealer Dusty has been dealing out the high times since before I could remember anything.  He’s making money off it, although all those ‘higher-up’ dealer guys aren’t as down with the weed and are starting to get into cocaine, the white stuff.  His partner is some guy’s kid who’s really eager to be selling the green, but he gets so excited and angry about everything, and thinks Dusty is deliberately holding him back from the big money.  He should probably calm down with some pot rather than go and kidnap some guy’s brother or something; it’s just, like, my opinion, man.

Kush is available now.  Buy it, Rent it or Queue it up now, or maybe, later.

-Richard Snyder

Intimidator of the Realm


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