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THE TRUTH – You can bend it and twist it

“You can bend it and twist it…You can misuse and abuse it, but no one can change the truth”.  Maverick Entertainment’s August release, The Truth, bends, twists, and ties its audience around this dark, clever thriller, starring John Heard (Home Alone, The Pelican Brief), Daniel Baldwin (“Cold Case”, “Grey Gardens”), Brendan Sexton III (Black Hawk Down, Empire Records), and Erin Cardillo (“The Suite Life on Deck”) in her break out adult role. Overall, I am impressed with the cast and quality of this indie film. I have a soft spot for horror flicks, but needless to say, this film gets two thumbs up! Horror fan or not, The Truth is one of the best indie thrillers I have seen in a long time.

The pot-boiling pace in The Truth manipulates the audience and truly captures the motives of sadistic intruder Gabriel (Brendan Sexton III) who takes Jonathan (John Heard) and Dana/Christine (Erin Cardillo) hostage in their own home. A simple robbery, but in lieu of material things, this intruder is searching for revenge. The successful couple, Jonathan and Dana, never could have imagined that a robbery could turn into an evening full of betrayal and untold truths. Jonathan lives in a beautiful upscale home (possibly Los Angles) with his gorgeous younger wife Dana. Dangerously in love, this new couple seems to have it all; lust, love, money and lies. Lies? Yes, intense lies that neither Jonathan nor Dana expects to be discovered by the intruder.

The Truth shares similarities with movies like Funny Games (2007) and The Strangers (2008) that literally shock you to the core. While I do not recommend this indie thriller for mainstream popcorn goers, but if mystery and suspense is what you crave, then check it out. This film is so good that divulging too much info in regards to the plot could serve as a major spoiler alert. So, I am going to leave this up to the viewers to pick up a copy of The Truth on August 24th 2010 at your local retailers. If torture horror flicks are top on your queue or if you’re simply looking for a scare, hurry and pick up a copy today!  Buy it, Rent it, or Queue it up!

~Kristin Kosmoski



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