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SPIKE…a gothic fairytale of sorts

A few crazy kids decide to drive off into the woods for some fun and to be closer to nature.  However, in Spike, which Maverick Entertainment Group has given me to write about, their little nighttime camping trip brings them in the middle of a web of ferocious wild animals, mutants and a whole lot of fear.

When a car springs flat tires in a forest, its nameless inhabitants find themselves at the mercy of the titular Spike, a man covered with porcupine-like spines.  Spike quickly takes down the only male of the lot, but this is hardly a random act of violence.  He has an axe to grind with the random man’s girlfriend, who was a childhood crush of Spike’s whom he could never quite let go of.

Spike is not to be confused for the typical gorefests that usually populate the horror genre these days; indeed, it’s anything but scary.  The film’s bent is, by and large, psychological.  Spike and his ex take us into a dark look into the inner vestiges of interpersonal relationships and how they can wind up. 

This fascinating dark fairy tale is available on DVD August 3rd from Maverick Entertainment.  Buy it, Rent it or Queue it up today!  You can also buy a copy on Maverick’s Facebook page. 

-Richard Snyder

Intimidator of the Realm



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