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The 70% Club, Are You A Member?

The 70% Club was an all inclusive look within the current dating climate for black women. I must admit the film gave a very truthful, accurate look into several very specific situations within the black community as far as dating goes.

What I appreciated was there were various couples all in different stages of the dating game. Even though the 70% Club refers to the number of African American women who are not in committed relationships, the film showed a nice balance between the black woman being desired and the black woman desiring others. I think that is very important to show. Just because many of us are alone, doesn’t mean we are not desired. I also appreciated the fact that the film displayed the different perspectives of being in a committed relationship. Some women truly believe it is ok to be with a man even if she is not the only woman he is dating as long as he is exclusive to the two of them. The film explores at what point it is ok to be single rather than be with a man that is not willing to be faithful or exclusive. Neither view is wrong; it is just a matter of preference. Oftentimes we spend so much time being judgmental and don’t consider what it must feel like to be alone and without a companion to enjoy life with. Everyone deserves somebody. Whether or not being the side-chick qualifies one for the 30% club is still a mystery to me.

This film is very honest, and courageous. It attacks difficult relationship issues such as divorce, infidelity, and deceit. Ultimately, relationships are about what you’re willing to give and what you’re willing to take to keep the other person. At some point, I believe everyone would like to be a part of the 30% club but there just isn’t room for everybody. The 70% Club is a club I’m in right now, but after seeing this film, I realize I’d rather be here than be in 30% with someone who just isn’t worthy.

I received The 70% Club for review from Maverick Entertainment Group. The 70% Club is available everywhere on DVD, Buy it, Rent it, or Queue it up!

Tiffany Black, Actress/Writer/Director/Blogger Extraordinaire



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