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A note from the filmmaker of Rent A Car

Initially, I sat in my office debating what I could shoot a film about.  I wanted to do something really funny and was trying to find a life experience that I could make a story out of.  Rent A Car was the answer!  

I had worked in the rental car industry for 8 years prior to making this film and had seen everything; from customers literally running away with our cars, to their unbelievable explanations of damage to them.  In addition, I had eight year’s worth of notes on all of these zany occurrences compiled in a stack that I could use for story ideas for my film.   

To help tie together a sequence of hilarious episodes stemming form my workdays, I reached out to a comedian that I had actually met while working in the rental car business.  His name … Shawn Harris (P. Diddy Presents the Bad Boys of Comedy).   This guy was so funny that when we talked in person, I just had to work with him and luckily he agreed.   In fact, the very first night we shot two scenes at Shawn’s house!  We thought the scenes would take about 5 hours, but when the other comedians and beautiful female actresses hired for the shoot arrived, things quickly changed.  Shawn immediately changed our simple “wings and fries” budget for the night into Chinese food for everyone!  

We didn’t leave Shawn’s house until 6 am the next morning and yes, we did manage to shoot our two scenes.  But, just as we overspent on Chinese food that one night, we overspent ourselves trying to get into the crazy characters from Rent A Car.  

We had a great cast and crew that really worked hard and knew their job. Everyone knew how to work and play hard too. There are so many stories with Shawn Harris and Rodney “Lil’Brough” Yarborough (BET Comic View comedian), that would take a whole week to run through!  Just know there were many “YO Momma” jokes and plenty of making fun of anyone that forgot any of their lines on set. This was one of the best experiences I have had in my life, and others in the movie have said the same. I feel that our good time shows in our movie and you will really love it if you are looking for action and comedy mixed in one.  Rent A Car is the way to go!  Buy it, Rent it, and Queue it up!  Available everywhere on DVD July 13th!

~Frank White (Rent A Car writer/producer)



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