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Danny Provenzano in This Thing of Ours

So I was looking for something a little older to write about this time and Maverick Entertainment Group forwarded me a link to This Thing of Ours, a Mafia epic whose director, Danny Provenzano, can now be seen on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  As Provenzano gains more prominence in the national media, his work has proven it also deserves a second look.

Nicholas “Nikki” Santini is a typical, garden variety mob soldati who, alongside his friends, is struggling to make his own way up La Cosa Nostra’s hierarchy.  One of these friends hatches an Office Space-esque plot to hijack pennies off of millions of bank accounts via a satellite that’s about to launch into orbit.  Although it might net Nikki the praise and promotion he oh so desires, he also stands to get a lot of interference, both from the FBI and mobster rivals who would rather him not ascend.

The film has quite the all-star cast, featuring James Caan of The Godfather trilogy, The Sopranos stars Vincent Pastore and Frank Vincent, as well as Edward Lynch, an alum of The Exorcist.

This Thing of Ours is available now.  Buy it, Rent it, Queue it or watch it for free on YouTube!

-Richard Snyder

Intimidator of the Realm



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