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Review of the Hilarious Comedy Rent A Car!

In the beginning of Rent-A-Car, a man digs gobs of messy fried chicken out of a box of Fruit Loops.

Really, this would be a perfect place to stop the review as it’s all you need to know about this upcoming Maverick Entertainment Group release, which recently landed on my desk. However, I’m going to elaborate more on this fine film anyway.

Li’l Man (the aforementioned whom keeps his chicken in the cereal box) and D-Stacks realize that their days of randomly hocking bootleg DVDs on the streets are numbered when the local crime lord/record producer starts unleashing his own brand of copyright enforcement that the RIAA can only have naughty dreams about. They were apparently extremely good at the bootleg trade, considering they landed a Rent-A-Ride overnight. Of course, this only delays the wrath of our local insane record producer as he leaves a big wad of his own ill-gotten gains in a rented car that just happens to go AWOL, and then gives Li’l Man and D-Stack an ultimatum to get the cash back or face less-than-pleasant consequences.

Throughout this ordeal, our heroic duo deals with delinquent renters, an up-and-coming rapper, and an ex-convict who’s mind, by and large, never left the penitentiary.

It’s a perverse, outrageous undertaking from beginning to end and will be sure to keep you in stitches. Rent-A-Car comes out on DVD on July 13, 2010.  Rent it, buy it or queue it. Word!

-Richard Snyder (Intimidator of the Realm)



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