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Catch the KILLER SWARM out on DVD June 1st!

It’s time to party like a rock star, or so you would think from the opening scene of Killer Swarm.

The main character Carla has a flawless beauty; you know the kind of woman who looks naturally pretty without make up. Her image is attached to intelligence, curiosity and independence- complimenting her travels through lush landscapes and inviting ocean views by car, boat and mopeds. After a 13 year departure from her home, shortly after her Mother died and her Father remarries and has another daughter, named Maria, Carla is returning to face the family.

Carla’s Father is the first victim affected by the incoming wasp infested community, and the swollen bite on his hand eventually leads to a deathly visit to the infirmary. The doctor isn’t helping as quickly as Carla would like, so she has to take matters into her own hands. With her background in medicine and the use of the internet, she diligently finds information that empowers her search.

Carla’s best friend is an entomologist turned taxi driver named Ben Herzog, who helps her find the serum to save her Father’s life. The decision makers in law enforcement were buzzing around to prepare the city evacuation due to a town tenting to terminate the influx of these suicidal fleas. Nothing will stop Carla from finding the underground lab to kill the queen bee and locate the magical vial of safety. The bee keepers call the onset Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), natural hunters looking to expand their fellowship and nothing seems to stand in the way. You will definitely be kept on the edge of your seat like riding a roller coaster, as the movie unravels with many twists and turns.

Even with the elevating stress levels Carla encounters as the clock keeps ticking, Ben stands by her through the entire journey. There is a bonding scene between Carla and her Stepmother that seemed to Band-Aid any previous resentment Carla had had for her. I like how their friendship developed on the foundation of a common interest to help save a life. Every once in awhile Carla receives a call on her cell phone from her boyfriend Marcus inquiring about her return, but you can just tell when a woman isn’t in the mood to talk. She doesn’t even entertain the idea of telling him what’s going on, and by the end of the movie his role is null and void. Her mindset wasn’t going to be altered at any point, and the movie kept building momentum of how it would come to a head.

There was certainly a lot to learn about bees while watching this movie, like the fact that some bees hold as much poison as venomous snakes. Maverick Entertainment unleashes another skin crawling feature in this larger than bite size thriller. Are these wasps or hornets on the attack? All I can say is bee-ware!

Buy it, Rent it, or Queue it up!  Available everywhere June 1st!

Health and Happiness!

Janel Rana aka “Discount Diva”

“Saving the world 1Qpon at a time!”



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