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DVD Review of Curse of the Weeping Woman: J-ok’el

Ah, Mexico, sweet Mexico, land of violently corrupt public figures, drug wars which are so fierce that the military is required to intervene and drunken Spring Breakers aplenty. 

The Curse of the Weeping Woman: J-ok’el, forwarded to me by Maverick Entertainment Group, sheds light on another problem gripping Mexican society: strange ghost women randomly kidnapping children.

George Christensen comes to the town of Chiapas in search of his asthmatic younger half-sister, Carolina, and finds a populace in chaos; terrorized by a 500-year-old oft-crying, clown-faced woman who drowned her own kids and decided that it was so much fun that she would make a hobby out of it for the subsequent five centuries.  In the process, he must contend with his shrew of a mother, his newfound lady friend and translator and her ex-husband who he randomly fights throughout the film.

J-ok’el’s strengths lie within its tense atmosphere.  Apparently, a woman wearing gaudy makeup and a flashy dress doesn’t stand out well in Chiapas, thus enabling her to be anywhere at any time.  Moreover, she’s unstoppable, as the few townspeople who are shown to be up for a fight seem to believe they have a better chance against a healthy male like George, rather than a weak-looking old woman like J-ok’el; it must be the makeup that scares them off.

And this movie is nothing if not a little creepy and surprisingly brave with its climax.  The Curse of the Weeping Woman is delightfully haunting and would make a fine addition to any horror fan’s collection.  It’s available now; rent it, buy it or queue it.  Scary!

-Richard Snyder (Intimidator of the Realm)



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