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Review of Upcoming Action Film Director

Over the weekend I had a chance to check out a copy of Director, a new movie being released by Maverick Entertainment Group, and it was awesome! It was action packed from start to finish. There are bank robberies, beautiful women, sick parties, badass guns, car chases, and not those low budget chase scenes either, I’m talking Ferrari on Lamborghini action. The first person camera work is shaky and did make me a little sick, but then again, a steadier shot would have taken away from the gritty feel of the film.  So push past the nausea and keep watching, trust me, it’s worth it!

Director is based in hip and beautiful Miami where dreams are made, or in this case stolen. Adriana, played by the stunning Claudia Davila, is an aspiring film director from Caracas who has loved film ever since her grandfather introduced her to the camera at the age of four. Armed with only her camera she makes her way to the streets of Miami desperate to make her dreams come true.

Man do I wish I had Adriana’s luck.  She arrives in Miami and then five minutes later she is hired!  But I guess that is how life works; beautiful girls don’t have to wait long before they get what they want!   However, poor Adriana accepts this job offer a little too quickly.   She was hired to film what she thought was a series of staged crimes, but soon finds herself filming actual robberies.  She is completely enticed by the possibility of fame, no matter what the price, (sounds like a few people I know) and a cut of the pay out isn’t a bad incentive either.  So, she makes a choice and continues to film the crew of thieves in action.  Her robbery films have become infamous, but will she reach her dream, or end up behind bars?

Also, check out appearances by rapper Prodigal Sunn who plays Bull. Director hits the streets April, 13th.  Buy it, Rent it, or Queue it up!

-Justin Acita



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