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Review of the Disaster Action Flick Raging Inferno

Fire, fire, everywhere and not a place to breathe!  That’s the name of the game with Raging Inferno, previously seen on German television as Das Inferno: Flammen uber Berlin and placed into my hands by Maverick Entertainment Group.

Raging Inferno doesn’t take long to get started, introducing almost all of its principle cast before a gas main breaks in Berlin’s TV Tower, shoving the hapless patrons of its observation deck face-first into hardcore pyromania with no means of escape, as the fire destroys the elevators and renders the staircase unusable.  It’s a long drop from the 40th floor.

Central to the cast is Tom, a disgraced firefighter-come-taxi driver who, upon viewing the burning tower, feels the fire as figuratively as he does literally and storms his way up the tower, much to the chagrin of his former boss, Borst the fire chief, his ad hoc teammates on the force or his ex-girlfriend and daughter of aforementioned fire chief, Katja.  He must contend with his unresolved feelings for Katja and the incident which torpedoed his personal and professional life as he tries to keep the TV Tower ball from dropping like it was New Year’s.

This perfect storm makes for a tense thriller-drama, where it seems Hell itself is swallowing Tom and company.  This is bolstered by excellent special effects, especially the smoke that leaves the most poignant impression in the film’s first couple of minutes.

Overall, Raging Inferno is a fine disaster flick which will keep you on the edge of your seat, sweating, wondering if the situation will cool down or result in a pile of smoldering ash.  It’s available now; rent it, buy it or queue it.  Feel the burn!

-Richard Snyder (Intimidator of the Realm)


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