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Gang Girl DVD Review

About half way through Gang Girl, I was thinking… WHERE IS THE SUBSTANCE in this film?! It can’t be just beating and killing and guns and shooting. This can’t be life…for anybody!

I still wonder if that could be life for somebody. It pains me to think that someone can or has lived the life of Gang Girl.  This film takes us on a journey inside the mind of a semi-serial killer who somehow managed to make it out a life of pain and heartache to tell her story. It gives us the opportunity to see how guilt may be more of a punishment than prison. 

The message was a good one. It was good to see the growth in the main character, played by Anissa Chalmbers. It was good to see her go from being innocent, to a vengeful murderer, to being a saved woman trying to help a youngster. The beauty in a young person going to jail is that they get to be around older people who traded their childhood for crimes. Sometimes someone else’s experiences can be enough.

I can’t say I fell in love with any of the actors. I feel like they took the script for face value, rather than digging deep. Every criminal has a story. Every person who does a bad thing felt they had a good reason for doing it. The acting was soooo heavy. Everybody was performing like they were up for the Academy Award or something. Every role just doesn’t require so much weight. I enjoy more complex performances.

I found myself reading the credits simply because I didn’t want to stop listening to the song, “Open,” by Daun-Te. It was so simple and beautiful. It complimented the film very well.

Overall, I enjoyed the film. Initially I couldn’t find interest in it because of all of the killing and violence, but I realized that in order for the story to be told, we had to be taken through all the violence to get to the wonderful outcome. And the extremities of it all (the grittiness of the killing) is what really makes it plain that Jesus Christ will forgive you for anything. It’s easy to believe He’ll forgive you for robbing the candy store, but it’s a little more difficult to believe He can forgive murder. But He forgives all and not everyone knows that. That’s a message worth sharing.

I received Gang Girl for review from Maverick Entertainment Group.  Gang Girl is out on DVD everywhere March 23rd.  Buy it, Rent it, or Queue it up!

Tiffany Black, Actress/Writer/Director/Blogger Extraordinaire



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