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A Note From the Filmmaker of ‘Shattered’

There are so many things I could tell you about making my first film, Shattered, I’m not sure where to start. I could talk about how it was originally called Killing Ramone and was a comedy. Or that we couldn’t find a bar willing to let us shoot there so I ended up building the inside of a two thousand square foot bar practically by myself (I couldn’t look at a can of paint without convulsing for two years). But it wasn’t all difficult.

I ended up making some lifelong friends and we’re now coming together to create new larger scale projects. Was it hard? Hell yeah. But making a film (even a short one) is supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t everyone would do it. Ask anyone about their first feature film and I’m sure they’ll tell you it was a little bit of extra hell. But the silver lining is it will never be that difficult again. And I can confidently say, with a wink, that’s fine with me folks. I add the wink because the real truth is, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Some people say it’s an addiction. I lovingly call it a sickness. But really, it’s just simply doing what you love.

In the end I actually ended up with the film I set out to make. I don’t know a lot of filmmakers who can say that the first time out. It looks great, sounds great (the secret: work with talented people) and tells the story I wanted to tell. And now as the release date looms over me, I prepare for the next stage in my film’s life: public perception. Aside from the inevitable armchair Siskel & Eberts out there, and while I appreciate anyone taking the time to look at my film, I’m most looking forward to hearing from what I call “real people.” People who don’t make films, they watch them. And they are the true test for me. The purity of, I loved it, I liked it, it was okay, it sucked, warms my heart. These days with all the choices people have out there, if someone chooses to spend their hard earned money to watch my film, they deserve to be entertained and get their money’s worth. I simply hope I deliver on that promise. All I humbly ask in return is after you see the film, if you enjoy it, please tell a friend or twenty. Facebook about it, blog, twitter etc., tell the world. If you thought it was okay, tell those friends too. Hey, they might just love it. And if you find the film…just ain’t your thang. That’s fine too. Just don’t tell anyone. We’ll keep it between us.

-Chris St. Croix

writer/director Shattered

Note from Maverick Entertainment:  Thanks so much Chris for your insight into creating Shattered and congrats on its upcoming release.  Shattered will be available everywhere on DVD March 9, 2010.  Buy it, Rent it, or Queue it up!

Shattered Synopsis

When four lifelong friends decided to open the hottest new bar in town, they never thought the night of their lives would turn into their worst nightmare. But when one of their own is brutally attacked and manages to trap her assailant inside the bar, their friendship is tested like never before. Lives will be torn apart and bonds will be broken as they decide whether to trust justice to take its course…or take justice into their own hands.



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