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Review of Disaster Action Film F4: Vortex

Anytime there is a movie that begins with inclement weather conditions, you know it’s almost never going to be smooth sailing. John is returning after 4 years to Berlin from Oklahoma, and his job as a meteorologist is focused on being a tornado chaser. As the sky is falling and Germany is being whirled around in a blender like atmosphere, John is confronted with a lost love and the love he lost from his Father. The flow of the movie has a hint of soap opera run-ins, but very easy to follow as characters are introduced. Maverick Entertainment released a movie with real heart!

There are a few pertinent roles that encompass John’s world: Bruno- the family replacement for John, Eva- John’s ex now Bruno’s girlfriend, Sophia- John’s blind sister, and John’s resentful Father.

The town of Sondershausen is where the eye of the Tornado is going to hit, and the people of this community feel God is making the residents pay for their sins. John is pushing for an emergency warning system to be put into place, but the decision makers feel like he is suggesting this type of technology to further advance his own career path. The sounds of this approaching catastrophic destruction are similar to a migraine making its way to the earth’s surface, and by the time John’s predications are taken seriously, it may be too late. Tension is building and time is running out!

So while the deteriorating conditions keep decreasing, John’s left in a twister of emotions within his own thoughts. There is a romantic tug of war recognized by the triangle of John, Eva and Bruno; add that to the struggle between John and his Father, determining the best way to protect their city. Not only will you begin to understand the connection between life and weather, you will feel drawn into the storyline like a good book you just can’t put down.

F4: Vortex will be available on DVD everywhere March 2nd.  Rent it, Buy it, or Queue it up today!
Health and Happiness!
Janel Rana aka “Discount Diva”
“Saving the world 1Qpon at a time!”



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