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She’s Crushed Review

Maverick Entertainment has done it again, with a twisted film that easily combines Fatal Attraction and Poison Ivy! The opening scene with its struggling bloodshed has that invitingly familiar music score to set up this typical girl in distress cinema we hate so much and love to watch. Ray is an overworked and underpaid fella, just trying to stay balanced between his home and career. The entire movie all I wanted to do was give this guy a break.

Here comes Tara, deranged and sexy new gal in town, looking for her next victim to literally tie up and terrorize. I absolutely loved the scene where Tara provides us a humorous not harmonious look at the good ole days when finding a job through the paper seemed just like yesterday before the economy went downhill. She has this curiously seductive way about her, yet you can see the devil in her piercing blue eyes. Ray, in his drunken stupor, ends up having a one night stand with Tara, which leads to her comical attempts to solidify a relationship with him in her crazed mindset.

Eventually anyone that stands in Tara’s way to get to Ray must be destroyed, better yet disposed of. In her mind, she actually is convinced she’s helping Ray by eliminating the people around him, even if he didn’t like his boss Bonnie to begin with.  Talk about being at the wrong place at the wrong time! You even get a glimpse throughout the film’s flashbacks at Tara’s life, and an explanation that you can easily summarize of why she’s one chip that fell very hard off the old block.

It might be handy to have a pen and pad handy, just in case you want to jot down any creative ways to plot revenge on someone who has done harm and needs a payback. She’s repulsive in her vengeful actions, which ultimately leaves Ray no choice but to play by Tara’s rules.  Milton Bradley nor Mattel could afford the right’s to her game board!

There are two scenes in this movie that had me crack up out loud, but I won’t ruin it for you. Just pay close attention to the very uncomfortable exchange in the parking garage, and even closer at the timing of Ray’s marriage proposal to his girlfriend. This movie is a big “what not to do” when it comes to bad decision making. Then again, maybe this is just another reflection of art imitating life?

She’s Crushed will be out on DVD February 16th.  Reserve your copy today!  Buy it, Rent it, or Queue it up!

 Health and Happiness!

Janel Rana aka “Discount Diva”

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