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London Betty Review

From the opening tone of the friendly narrator, London Betty had a feel good running start. The solid cast of characters reminded me of Reno 911, abrupt and witty. The slapstick humor was like a hand in glove with an almost improvisational script never leaving a dull moment in one’s attention span. The foundation of the storyline is about 3 best friends, including 2 crooks that go by the name of Billy and Volgo and a hooker named Jess.

Along with a complimenting and contemporary selection of rock music, comes the outsider Betty- who has just relocated from (you guessed it) London to a city in America called Pharissee. Her Samsonite consists of high hopes in becoming a Nobel prize winning news reporter via the Pharissee Gazette and her rabbit, Pollack. As Betty begins her hunt for the perfect story to impress new boss Maury at the local paper, she stumbles across the ever so familiar illegal tactics of the town Mayor. Somehow, Pollack the rabbit is stolen not once, but twice by Billy who leads Betty into being an accomplice in his mission to bust Mayor Plum. Billy is an entrepreneur of calamity and mischief ends up falling for Betty, who is really using Billy to get her facts on the scoop. Meanwhile, Volgo falls for Jess, who’s days of trick and treating as an escort are short lived. 

It’s almost as if the plot is packed with furnished lines spoken by people who contracted tortes with its overwhelming amount of silly obscenities. There are a handful more of entertaining cohorts to this film from Maverick Entertainment, and everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame in this short, but sweet theatrical circus about turning your life around and taking it over!

London Betty will be available OnDemand beginning February 1st and will be available everywhere on DVD February 2nd!  Reserve your copy today!

Health and Happiness!
Janel Rana aka “Discount Diva”
“Saving the world 1Qpon at a time!”



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