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Book of Songs Interview With Filmmaker

Book of Songs written and produced by Delsea Flowers is an independent gospel film filled with inspiration and joy. Delsea, who works by day as a security guard at a local high school, has dedicated much of her time to song writing, while establishing her own production studio in NYC.  The studio has an open door policy for local independent hip hop artists. Unfortunately, Delsea experienced two major traumatic life events; losing her five month old daughter and then having to rebuild her inner strength to fight breast cancer. After battling breast cancer, Delsea, a survivor, realized life is too short and decided to follow her dreams. She quickly challenged herself to channel the effects from her traumatic experiences into screenplays, as a way of healing. During the healing process, Book of Songs was created and brought to Noel Howell (director), President of Color Bars production, and together Delsea and Noel spiritually crafted an uplifting original Gospel film.

Delsea says her intense passion for writing, especially song writing, was the original inspiration for Book of Songs. “Throughout my life, I have written numerous scripts that could be interpreted as films or possibly plays. After the death of my daughter, I started to write a book. I felt as if I couldn’t focus on anything but her death and then decided to change my writing style. While focusing less on writing about my daughter’s death, from that moment on, I realized I wanted to inspire others and started to create, Book of Songs,” explained Delsea.

“I have a studio in my basement that I let local independent hip hop artists use for production. After listening to their harsh lyrics, I realized the lack of positive messages in hip hop music. It made me want to educate these young men about the Gospel and the benefits of accepting God in their lives. Interacting with these young men on a daily basis gave me the idea for the storyline,” explained Delsea. The main character, Mike, is loosely based on a young man that would frequent Delsea’s studio.

One of the films major highlights is the amazing music selection. “Jesus Loves Me” written by Delsea and “Book of Songs,” “Changes,” “Sticks and Stones,” and “Stand Up for Jesus” all written by Noel Howell (director) help to enhance the touching spiritual messages throughout the film.

When asked why Delsea wanted to make a film she replied, “After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I felt like, why not take a risk and just do it!”

Here are the dates to watch for Book of Songs: Book of Songs is available on Sky Angel TV through mid March and is available on DVD everywhere beginning January 12th.  Reserve your copy today!

Written By Kristin Kosmoski



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