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Fast Track: No Limits Review

I recently had a chance to watch the movie Fast Track: No Limits which was released on DVD October 6th by Maverick Entertainment Group. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie with its action packed sequences from the beginning to the end, keeping your attention the entire way through. Although the cars aren’t as high budget as other street racing movies, like the “Fast & Furious,” but there are still some very exciting race scenes to keep your engine revved while the indy cast puts on a great performance.

There is a unique plot intertwining some interesting characters such as a street racing cop, a trophy wife with a need for speed, a pizza boy mob wheelman, and a garage owner with a love for cars.

The lead Katie, played by the incredible looking (Erin Cahill) needs to find $50,000 to save her beloved garage, a garage which holds many family memories, and is also ground zero for the racing scenes. We learn early that Katie is too proud to except handouts, after she refuses to take a loan from Nicole (Alexia Barlier) to save the garage. Nicole is a blonde bombshell who has Katie build a street racer for her, and wants Mike (Andrew Walker) to teach her how to race. With the loan refused, the only way to get the kind of money needed to save the garage is to win on the street, and that’s going to take some serious driving and fast cars; luckily Katie has both.

But, can Katie find a driver and win the money needed to save the garage?  Check out Fast Track: No Limits NOW and see what happens!

The folks at Maverick tell me you can buy it, rent it, or queue it up at any of your favorite retailers.

-Justin Acita



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