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“Book of Songs” Review

Never underestimate the power of The Holy Spirit, especially when being spread by a little old lady who is unassuming.  I have to commend writer/producer Delsea Flowers for executing a wonderful story about the fusion of youth headed in the wrong direction, the love of music, and the power of God. Off the bat, I can’t say that I am looking forward to seeing this film again but the story, while at times predictable, was still engaging. The lead actor, Mike, played by Digo, was fearless and extremely committed leaving Mike to be by far the most relatable character in the cast. While Sister Thomas, played by actress Carol Jackson, was the most admirable character in the story, seeking relentlessly to save the future of a young talented artist, was the actor I found the least interesting. 

As far as the writing goes, the story was excellent, but it was the actual dialogue that failed the actors. It seemed like production prematurely decided to shoot a rough draft rather than a matured script. Nonetheless, it was nice to see two people with a substantial age difference get along in a positive manner that wasn’t romantic. And I LOOOVE a good villain. Brandon G. Katon Donegal plays Flex, the jealous-enraged best friend of Mike, who sets him up to take the fall for murder. Donegal’s work was full of depth and thoroughly entertaining, as he found ways to show there is more than one way to be jealous of the same person. Flex stopped at nothing to deteriorate Mike, even going as far as lying to him about the fidelity of his long-time girlfriend, Tiffany (and what I lovely name she has).

Overall, I’d have to say Reggie James, who played Elder Frank, gave the most believable performance and seemed to be the professionally trained actor on set. His line delivery and facial expressions were very present and lacked premeditation.  I also appreciated the independent music used throughout the film as well. Most of it was in good production taste and delivered a message that complemented the story line.

There were a few unanswered questions: Does Mike’s relationship with his grandmother improve due to his relationship with Sister Thomas? Why shoot the present day of the film in black and white and past in color? Was Flex’s jealousy motivated by something Mike had done in the past? Some scenes were just not needed, such the scene with Sister Jackson visiting the studio while the rapper recorded and her dancing to the music. Still, the production quality was excellent as the video and sound never made me feel like I was watching an indie film.

Moving forward, I don’t know where Flowers is in the stage of her writing, but I’d say that 2 more drafts would have done this story wonders. However, she has to be commended for writing, producing, and acting, and volunteering her home, serving as the location manager, and writing songs for the soundtrack! You go girl!

I received Book of Songs for review from Maverick Entertainment.

-Tiffany Black, Actress/Writer/Director/Blogger Extraordinaire



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