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About Maverick Entertainment Group!

Welcome to the Maverick Entertainment Group Blog! This is our first blog, and we wanted to tell you a little bit about us, and what it is that we do.  In short, Maverick is an independent film distributor, but we like to think of ourselves as a springboard for filmmakers.

We are a movie studio that loves to work with first time filmmakers and give them their first big break in the film industry; let’s face it, the film industry is tough to get into!  Our passion is to take a film that might have only been seen by a handful of people and bring it to the masses.  Our films are placed in big name retail stores; including, Blockbuster, Best Buy, Redbox, and Walmart.  Maverick Entertainment films can also be seen online on video giants; like, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and YouTube.  In addition, our films can be watched on cable television on Comcast, Time Warner, and InDemand.

One more thing, next time you’re traveling and looking for something to do at the hotel, check out some Maverick films, because we’re there too.  Yep, we are just about everywhere and we are just getting started!

Speaking of getting started Maverick Entertainment was started 13 years ago by our company President and Founder, Doug Schwab.  Armed with years of experience in the film industry as a buyer for Blockbuster, Doug struck out on his own to create a leading independent film distribution company, and he has done just that.

The Maverick team started with three employees and has grown to a full team of 14, fun and quirky individuals.  We release over 50 films a year, in genres across the board; from gritty urban action films, to heart pounding dramas and intense thrillers, to romantic comedies and inspiring faith and family titles.

Films in the Maverick Entertainment have starred the likes of Eva Longoria, Harvey Keitel, James Caan, and Salma Hayek.   In addition to our films being released all across the United States, some of our films have been released internationally and have reached audiences in China, Japan, France, Germany, and Romania.  With over 500 distributed films under our belt we aren’t stopping any time soon!

Stay tuned, we are going to add filmmaker blogs, cool indy movie news, and reviews to our page all to give you an insight into the independent ‘Hollywood’ world.  Everyone has a movie idea, we are just here to help make it happen!  Don’t forget to join us on all of our social networking sites to help spread the word about quality independent films.  We want to hear from you so write in often and let us know your thoughts!



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